Amir Pirnia - Vice President of Engineering with Hixme Insurance Solut

Amir Pirnia

An experienced Los Angeles software developer and information technology professional, Amir Pirnia has assisted a number of startups, helping them grow from the conception stage to become fully operational companies. In addition to his considerable technical expertise, he is an accomplished senior executive who holds a master of business administration from Northwestern University. Since 2015, Amir Pirnia has spearheaded technology strategy and product development as a vice president of engineering for Los Angeles’ Hixme Insurance Solutions.

Leading Hixme’s innovative team of engineers, Amir Pirnia is revolutionizing the role of flexible and scalable cloud platforms in the delivery of quality health insurance services. He uses the latest in data science and analytics to allow employers and employees to organize customized benefit packages that meet their own specific needs. In an effort to improve effective health insurance selection in the individual market, Mr. Pirnia recently directed the creation of an innovative backend matching algorithm.